Stocked up ! !

Stay hydrated all match long with this BPA-free water bottle. With an easy-to-hold shape and a pull spout for quick access, it features a logo that pays tribute to the Red Devils. User friendly screw top with pull spout ergonomic grip BPA-free.

Of course the most attractive is Manchester United Football Club logo, stylish and trendy. It can fill up to volume: 750 ML and 100% polyethylene injection-moulded. I can’t wait to drink water.

WeChat Image_20170606173231

Besides MU design, i have a lot more designs for customer to pick. All designs will be uploaded to sachetto.my with 15% ramadan off ! It’s affordable and hot cake product which already sold out at Adidas official website. Luckily i stocked up before it sold out.Capture

WeChat Image_20170606173243Some sandals you may not want to miss. Exclusive design with Manchester United logo or Adidas signature logo.

WeChat Image_20170606173257

Happy princess selfie with stocks. Please don’t get me wrong, i am not promoting the princess nor the cute girl behind the princess, but i enjoy seeing pretty girl while working. Haha…

WeChat Image_20170606173301

Sachetto Sport


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