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#Throwback : Sachetto Sport x MFL Expo

Such a long queue at the entrance, thanks for patiently waiting before event started at 11am sharp.

WeChat Image_20170620195445

We were lucky to be given bright space just opposite the entrance and next to the cashier. Ultra boost sold within 5 minute after event started, hurayy!

WeChat Image_20170620195805

WeChat Image_20170620195454

WeChat Image_20170620195507

WeChat Image_20170620195515

A dad shopping with 2 kids, not easy!WeChat Image_20170620195512

Up to 100 designs for you to pickWeChat Image_20170620195811We are so happy to work as a team.WeChat Image_20170621155123

Thanks my boss a.k.a Brand Ambassador unite us !WeChat Image_20170620195821


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