Probably it’s time for us to have our blog after some time which is why we’re here. Perhaps everyone, especially Sachetto support and followers wander what is this page for and what can it brings to fellow members out there who visiting this blog.

To be honest, you guys dealing with us through social media and apps rather than going to website itself.

And today, we promise will bring you a new concept “online store” instead of just buy and sell which is rather bored, at least for me haha. So Sachetto is here to picking up latest sneaker news for our lovers, as well as fashion which is handled by my friend. The overall idea is to establish the sneaker community with all the sneaker head over the places in Malaysia. There are two:-

-Shoe Hunter


Fashion Hunter-


Before we start, we really need your all contribution by sharing out our website and this blog page to your beloved sport geeks hehe. Yes, for that we will keep on improve our web pages and so on. On top of that, you can provide us feedback on where should we correct and will try the best to sort it out.

We always welcome to your opinion, feedback and suggestion on our site.
Of course, if you wish to be a part of us, you may contact us as well.