Upcoming NMDs On The Way to Sachetto

4  pairs NMDs are on the way to Sachetto Sport PJ, check them out by this week before they sold out. Here are the list:
BB2909 UK8.5
BA7209 UK10
BY1909 UK8.0
BY3035 UK7.5preorder3



Pre-buy Your Favorite Shoe

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Are your a sneaker freak? Good to hear that ! we aregoing to launch ” Pre-buy ” at Sachetto Sport official website. It’s gonna be amazing when you can order your favorite shoes without wasting time and expensive price.

Currently, Sachetto Sport only open for few designs which some of them are very rare piece in the market. We believe more upcoming unique and neige model you can get it from us at friendly price.

However, we cannot promise all the models in retail price, but at least not exaggerated shocking price. we don’t want to scare away our beloved customer. hehe

My simple artwork , we think is sweet and hope not lure the ants ūüėÄ

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Check this out : https://www.sachetto.my/index.php?route=product/category&path=189&page=1


Lucky Benjamin – Grabbed NMD at Sachetto PJ

Another new born winner in town walkaway with a pair of NMD. Honestly, this is my face. Do you believe a pair of RM760 NMD shoes sold at RM30? its like the world collapsed. haha…

Image result for shock face

Oh well, this is Benjamin, very young guy, only 15 years old. After tried out the game, he also introduce some of his friends to play which i wanna say thanks at here. For those who not tried the game, who knows u are the next lucky one? Come let’s hunt sneakers on this weekend. Put into to-do list ya…

WeChat Image_20170607154851


Stocked up ! !

Stay hydrated all match long with this BPA-free water bottle. With an easy-to-hold shape and a pull spout for quick access, it features a logo that pays tribute to the Red Devils. User friendly screw top with pull spout ergonomic grip BPA-free.

Of course the most attractive is Manchester United Football Club logo, stylish and trendy. It can fill up to volume: 750 ML and 100% polyethylene injection-moulded. I can’t wait to drink water.

WeChat Image_20170606173231

Besides MU design, i have a lot more designs for customer to pick. All designs will be uploaded to sachetto.my¬†with 15% ramadan off ! It’s affordable and hot cake product which already sold out at Adidas official website. Luckily i stocked up before it sold out.Capture

WeChat Image_20170606173243Some sandals you may not want to miss. Exclusive design with Manchester United logo or Adidas signature logo.

WeChat Image_20170606173257

Happy princess selfie with stocks. Please don’t get me wrong, i am¬†not promoting the princess nor the cute girl behind the princess, but i enjoy seeing pretty girl while working. Haha…

WeChat Image_20170606173301

Sachetto Sport


Testimonials – the Grab Machine


Just after few days of bringing this machine and here comes the lucky winner РKelly Lai and his family. They successfully got it with just first token which only 10 bucks spent. Yes, with 10 bucks you can take home a pair of Nike Rosherun. Once again congratulation to him for supporting us and  have fun at Sachetto Sport, PJ branch. We glad that they enjoying the moment with us. Thanks to Yeoh, our friendly staff serving them just like brother and sister.

For all information, the machine ready only in Tropicana Avenue (soho), Petaling Jaya where you can get the location at bottom section.

Oh ya, as this is our first testimonial post and we like to take this opportunity to ask a little favour from you.
-kindly subscribe to our blog (bottom section) for more update about us. There are not only about us for this blog, we¬†want to build a community for sneakerhead and fashion hunter. Other than just “buy and sell”, we wanna provide some values which might valued for you.

There are long way to go, so please stay tune with us along!


1st Blog Post ever – Sachetto Sport

Probably it’s time for us to have our blog after some time which is why we’re here. Perhaps everyone, especially Sachetto support and followers wander what is this page for and what can it brings to fellow members out there who visiting this blog.

To be honest, you guys dealing with us through social media and apps rather than going to website itself.

And today, we promise will bring you a new concept “online store” instead of just buy and sell which is rather bored, at least for me haha. So Sachetto is here to picking up latest sneaker news for our lovers, as well as fashion which is handled by my friend. The overall idea is to establish the sneaker community with all the sneaker head over the places in Malaysia. There are two:-

-Shoe Hunter


Fashion Hunter-


Before we start, we really need your all contribution by sharing out our website and this blog page to your beloved sport geeks hehe. Yes, for that we will keep on improve our web pages and so on. On top of that, you can provide us feedback on where should we correct and will try the best to sort it out.

We always welcome to your opinion, feedback and suggestion on our site.
Of course, if you wish to be a part of us, you may contact us as well.

You can contact us via the following:-
Me, Jordan
016-2226222 (whatsapp)